Whether oil-free or oil-lubricated: our piston compressors offer impressive performance, including with frequent load changes and continuous operation (S1 mode). These benefits are rounded off by a long service life, simple maintenance and excellent value for money.

Reliable and durable

For over a century robust BOGE piston compressors have formed the backbone of your compressed air supply – whether in the skilled trades sector or industry. What is their secret of their exceptional reliability and performance? These compressors only contain high-quality components, so minimising maintenance and permitting use at high ambient temperatures.

Piston compressors – as varied as the demands on them

  • Piston compressor P 2 L

    Sturdy, hard-wearing and user-configurable – the compact compressors of the P-series are a firm favourite in skilled trade and industry.

  • Piston compressor K15 Booster

    Oil-free inlet pressure piston compressor with an innovative, low-wear push-rod system for variable inlet pressures between 2 and 10 bar and final pressures from 16 to 40 bar.

  • Piston compressor PO

    Oil-free piston compressors from the PO series: ideal for sensitive applications thanks to their coated pistons and piston rings, specially developed cylinder sleeves and air-tight bearings.

  • Piston compressor SBD 1000

    Thanks to its compact design this compressed air system offers minimal current losses and flexible positioning.

  • Piston compressor SC 6

    TOP AIR compressors are immediately ready for connection. Their super-silenced sound insulation fitted as standard allows them to even be positioned close to your workstation.

  • Piston compressor SRHV

    BOGE Boosters take in pre-compressed air – e.g. from an existing network – and compresses it further to the required final pressure.


  • Can be customised to requirements
  • For continuous operation or frequent load changes
  • Pressures between 8 bar and 40 bar
  • Long service life and highly reliable


P2L – Piston technology that sets standards

A directly coupled, oil-lubricated piston compressor that withstands unlimited switching frequency and 100% duty cycle? That’s progress - BOGE-style!

Find out more about the P2L series

Oil-lubricated piston compressors

Versatile, robust piston compressors - tried and tested Boge quality for a long service life and low maintenance.

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Oil-free piston compressors

Tailor-made systems thanks to their modular structure – ideal for sensitive applications where completely oil-free, high quality compressed air is a must.

About our products



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