Taking a Flexible Approach

Friday, June 7, 2019

When the odds are stacking up, how can your plant compete with the factories in the Far East?

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When the odds are stacking up, how can your plant compete with the factories in the Far East?


In this time of political uncertainty, with economic growth at a 6-month low, staying competitive is going to be a struggle across all UK industry. Whilst the UK is no small player in manufacturing, countries such as India and China can manufacture on a much larger scale and as a result, the UK is continuing to haemorrhage production to these bemouth factories.


Coming up with innovative ways to manufacture in order to stay competitive is an approach the UK is having to adopt.  This means the factories of today are changing fast including the infrastructure, the technology and the machines that are operated within.


A flexible factory can respond to changes in a range of products as well as fluctuations in market demand, in an efficient way. It has minimum downtime and should reduce the complexity in the supply chain.


But how can compressed air make a factory flexible?


Compressed air itself is not flexible. The installation of our compressed air system is.


Compressed air is only deliverable via pipework and often difficult to install, which makes it at odds with the concept of a flexible factory. However, this can be addressed with our lightweight EasiFit pipework system. With airtight connectors and quality aluminium, it is both quick and easy to install, with no welding required. These factors help to ensure that production does not need to be halted and also improves efficiency through reduced leaks.


As air compressor specialists, we provide systems for hundreds of businesses across industry from food and beverage to automotive and from pharmaceutical to waste management. We know the importance of avoiding disruption in the supply chain and that smart planning and a smart supply chain is vital.


That’s why we include leading Industry 4.0 and IoT technology as standard in all our S Series compressors. With our Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP) and remote monitoring system, airstatus, you have complete visibility anytime, anywhere.  From your computer to your smartphone, your machine performance can be evaluated via the web or app.


Whilst flexibility in production can create a flexible factory, connectivity and intelligent data management are key to maintaining it. Here at BOGE, we are here to help you maximise your output and efficiency by keeping your air clean and your compressor connected.


Download our Flexible Factories Whitepaper here