Evergreen: The New Air Compressor for the Automotive Industry

Friday, May 10, 2019

In the automotive world, garages, workshops and body shops typically can’t operate without an air compressor.

SOLIDscrew compressor

In the automotive world, garages, workshops and body shops typically can’t operate without an air compressor. Choosing the right air compressor for your power supply is essential and you will need to factor in the additional work involved in installing the right power for your equipment to prevent any downtime.


The list of tools used by everyone from the mechanics to the panel sprayers is vast including air jacks, tyre changers, paint and glue spraying to name a few. If an air compressor fails in any of these applications, it will normally bring the entire business or production to a halt. Basically, you can’t operate without one.


Air compressors and I mean all air compressors, don’t like cold weather. So, protecting and maintaining your air compressor now (even as it looks like we’ve escaped with a relatively mild winter) will leave you in a better place next year.


BOGE’s latest air compressor is the perfect machine for garages, body shops and workshops. Designed with German engineering, the SOLIDscrew stands out from other core industrial compressors for many reasons, not least of all price and reliability and, oh yes, it’s green.


With a cooling fan on the main motor models that range from 4kW to 15kW and a combined oil/air aftercooler, it’s a great design. And with low noise levels (approx. 70-78 dB (A) you’d be forgiven for forgetting it’s even in the workshop!


If your current compressor is leaking oil or looking less than healthy, maybe it’s time to go green and back BOGE as you don’t want to be faced with a broken system. At BOGE, the team will do their utmost to get you out of a tricky spot with various different options available but in the meantime, we’ve put together some tips that will see you see you through to next winter because after all prevention is always better than cure!


  1. Make sure you service your air compressor regularly

If you fail to service your air compressor it could lead to a number of issues including the build-up of water in the lubricating oil within the compressor itself.


  1. Don’t forget your dryers and filters

These are actually really important to protect your system from cold weather so it’s vital that you prevent water from freezing downstream.


  1. Regularly drain your compressor system

This should automatically be part of your workshop routine so make sure you have regular equipment checks as part of your maintenance schedule


  1. Sounds obvious but keep it inside

Where ever possible, keep it in a temperature-controlled environment


  1. Keep it clean

Again, this must be an obvious part of your daily and weekly routine but can easily be missed. Keeping it clean will help prevent corrosion and make it easy to spot oil leaks.