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Avoid air compressor emergencies over the festive season

And so this is Christmas… the busiest time of year in food and beverage manufacturing.

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Oil-free compressed air without oil-free compressors

A large number of industrial applications depend on absolutely oil free compressed air where even the slightest trace of oil could have a serious impact on the products and consequently, the health and safety of the end users.

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Maintaining your compressor performance this summer

We all know that the wet and winter months can affect compressors and their performance, from corrosion to excessive electrical usage but what do the summer months mean for your compressor performance?

Royal Cornwall Show

The Royal Cornwall Show Commends BOGE Technology in Agriculture

This year’s Royal Cornwall Show was once again the biggest event in the Cornish calendar packed with everything agricultural - as well as entertainment, animals, food, farmers, forestry and so much more.

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Taking a Flexible Approach

When the odds are stacking up, how can your plant compete with the factories in the Far East?

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Evergreen: The New Air Compressor for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive world, garages, workshops and body shops typically can’t operate without an air compressor.


BOGE, Brexit and Stockpiling

As uncertainty over Brexit and Theresa May’s premiership continues, many of the UK’s residents have begun stockpiling many of the essential (and non-essential items).

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Weathering the Storm

Tackling the wind, rain and snow during these challenging winter months is hard on all of us but especially on those providing a maintenance and service job function.

BOGE history

Our Breath-taking History

If you go back far enough, one of the earliest and most recognisable uses of the air compressor – which is basically a method of pressurising room temperature air to power other devices - was the humble bellow.

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Minimising compressed air leaks boosts efficiency and saves money

According to The Carbon Trust, of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8-10 per cent may be converted into useful energy that can be used at the point of use.