BOGE history

Our Breath-taking History

If you go back far enough, one of the earliest and most recognisable uses of the air compressor – which is basically a method of pressurising room temperature air to power other devices - was the humble bellow.

Compressed air

Minimising compressed air leaks boosts efficiency and saves money

According to The Carbon Trust, of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8-10 per cent may be converted into useful energy that can be used at the point of use. 

Compressed air

Turning heat into energy

Heat is an inevitable by-product when producing compressed air.

Cost of compressed air

Get to grips with the total cost of compressed air

Everyone knows that compressed air is one of the most important resources in the industry.

replace air compressor

When to fix or replace compressors

When should you fix your compressor package and when should you cut your losses and replace it?

Air Compressor Noise

How to control compressor noise

Here are the key steps to taking control of compressed air noise.

Air Compressor Energy

Reducing compressor energy use via intelligent controllers

Ways in which improved energy efficiency and reduced costs can be achieved.


The 10 commandments of boosting compressor performance

Boosting the performance of your compressed air system is easier than you think. Here are 10 commandments that explain how to achieve it.


Protect your compressed air from these impurities

They’re often too small to see, but there are many substances and particles in our atmosphere that can easily be drawn into compressed air systems. They might be out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind.