Compressed air for GER4TECH

GER4TECH GmbH in Redlham (Austria) offers a wide range of metal working services. It requires a reliable supply of compressed air for almost all of its processes and production areas. The demand in metal working fluctuates considerably. The company wanted to keep idle times and energy consumption to a minimum in these phases. And we delivered the perfect solution!


We supplied our customer with two screw compressors, two refrigerant compressed air dryers and one C 25 F compressor. These optimally adjust the volume flow to the actual demand – which saves energy. Additionally, soft starts and stops conserve the material and prolong the service life of the equipment. Moreover, GER4TECH recovers waste heat from the compressors for use all year round for other processes. 


This was a sustainable and smart solution we created for GER4TECH, which conserves materials and resources without compromising on quality or reliability. Another advantage is over 95 percent system availability!


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