Hire compressors for immediate delivery throughout UK


Ideal for breakdowns, planned shutdowns and short/medium term increase in production demands, the compressed air systems can be delivered within hours all around the UK. 


The service is also an affordable alternative to owning and maintaining compressors and includes specification, installation, servicing and maintenance. Companies can hire from a range of our industrial air compressors including oil lubricated and oil free screw compressors from 1 to 480HP. Also available is a complementary range of compressed air equipment from filters and dryers to condensate management equipment.


Renting a compressor is increasingly popular in sectors such as food and beverage, packaging and general engineering, as companies realise that it’s a cost-effective and flexible option. Whether it’s for long-term use or an urgent short-term need for replacement or additional compressed air. Our quick delivery gives engineers peace of mind that compressed air will always be available when and where it’s needed.


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