Our 360° service

We supply the air you need to operate – just ask one of the 100,000+ users of BOGE compressed air worldwide. By managing and steering the entire plant engineering process, BOGE provides its customers with a complete partner for complex compressed air systems.  We take care of everything from the analysis of requirements and conceptual design right through to production, maintenance and servicing. We are there for you as a 360° service provider.


Analysis of Requirements








Installation & Start-Up Operations



Complex system solutions

When it comes to complex system solutions, a number of prominent industrial names place their trust in our know-how and quality standards. We serve as a one-stop shop for the planning, production and installation of highly efficient, ultra-modern systems – custom-tailored to your individual needs.

  • Containers

    Container station for extreme environmental conditions.

  • Base Frame System

    Turn-key compact system, installed on a base frame (plug&play)

  • Base Frame System

    Modular configuration: flexible combinations of all sizes of base frame.

  • Special solutions

    Customised design: solutions developed individually according to the customer's specification.

  • Turn-key systems

    Commissioning and final acceptance of the compressor station (e.g. pressure tests) are carried out on site.

  • Containers

    Customised container solution including nitrogen generation.

The full range of BOGE plant engineering services

Customised System Solutions

  • Oil-free screw and piston compressors
  • Oil-lubricated screw and piston compressors
  • Special compressors
  • Recooling systems
  • Steam turbine-driven compressors
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy optimisation / Master controls
  • Compressed air treatment (HOC, catalysts and more)
  • Nitrogen production / Nitrogen compression
  • Turnkey solutions, inc. piping, cabling, ducting systems
  • Container systems and base frame units
  • Special designs and special documentation
  • Contracting / Financing
  • and much more


Special Industry-Specific Solutions for:

  • Automobile industry
  • Mining
  • Glass industry
  • Power stations
  • Plastic industry
  • Food industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Recycling
  • Shipping industry
  • Textile industry
  • and many more

BOGE efficiency solutions

When developing systems, BOGE places a particular emphasis on efficiency. Ultimately, it’s the amount of energy consumed by a compressed air system that is the pivotal factor. With specially selected components, frequency-controlled machines, master controls and heat recovery solutions, our compressed air systems consistently achieve optimal efficiency values.

Optimal Choice of Compressors

Efficient compressed air is our aim from the outset – and we achieve this by ensuring that all components of a compressed air system are optimally adapted to their respective usage. First, we analyse your requirements for free air delivery and compressed air quality. In the subsequent planning stage, we integrate several more factors: ambient and intake conditions, cooling water quality, company standards, legal requirements and other specifications.

We compare different system concepts before we start building. To do this, our engineers make use of both CAD systems and a special stimulation tool, the latter of which can be used to calculate the efficiency of a planned system under real conditions. This concrete data enables us to determine the most economical option for your needs.


Frequency Control

Frequency control ensures that pressure in compressors remains constant. This allows the compressed air production process to adapt optimally to the compressed air consumption of your systems.

Master Controls

Master controls enable all connected compressors and components to be coordinated from a single source. One of the most innovative and efficient master control tools on the market is the BOGE airtelligence provis 2.0, which allows for the effortless connection and operation of up to 16 fixed or frequency-controlled compressors.


Heat Recovery

We develop customised heat recovery solutions for both oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors. Our solutions boast maximum levels of cost efficiency and are always optimally adapted to your individual requirements, allowing you to recover the maximum amount of heat possible. They have previously been used to achieve temperature increases from 70 °C to 95 °C.

An example:
You run a 160kW compressor with an average capacity utilisation of 70 per cent. Our solution enables you to recover 90 per cent of the energy input, which means the usable energy is 160kW x 70 % x 90%  = 100 kW.

Your total annual saving can be up to 65,000 euros.