FLEXPET oil free

Strong and flexible for PET bottles: BOGE FLEXPET systems

      The BOGE FLEXPET allows you to generate as much compressed air as is actually needed at the pressure required to a maximum 40 bar pressure. By doing so this eliminates unnecessary pressure generation and saves energy.
      The BOGE FLEXPET BFPO generates technically oil-free compressed air – completely safely to manufacture PET bottles. As no oil enters into the process from the beginning onwards, oil does not need to be expensively filtered out.
      Boosters, dryer, fi lters, receivers, and switch cabinet are mounted onto a skid. The components are fully piped and wired and the skid only requires a single power supply (Stainless steel pipework optional).
      BOGE FLEXPET is supplied with an aircooled screw compressor – with the required FAD to meet demand. They come with proportional control in order to virtually eliminate idling. Water cooled versions are optional.

    The optimally adapted, oil-free compressed air system for every PET bottle size: BOGE FLEXPET succeeds with its flexible structure. The different components are assembled individually for the requirements and environmental conditions of the customer. A screw compressor generates control air of 11 bar with a pressure dew point of -40 ° C. The Booster compresses the air relative to the needs of the higher final pressure of 40 bar. This avoids unnecessary higher compression - for energy-efficient work!


    FLEXPET oil free

    Compressed air accessories for this product

  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm
    BFPO 280 40 580 4.640 163.8
    BFPO 560 40 580 9.280 327.6
    BFPO 560 (SO 101 FA) 40 580 9.280 327.6
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