BOGE turbo compressors are catapulting the world of compressed air into a new era: you save resources and energy, use not a drop of oil, and reduce the noise level to a minimum despite the high speeds. Whether high or low pressures are called for – low-wear turbo technology sets completely new standards for efficiency and cost savings.

The driving force for fundamental change

  • The Design Principle

    The combination of permanent magnet motor and air-supported motor shaft - on which the impellers are located - embodies the ingenuity of this oil-free compression principle.

  • Dynamic Compression

    The turbo technology has long since survived its baptism of fire: A high speed rotating impeller sets the axially drawn air in rapid motion

  • The Titanium Impeller

    Reliability is our top priority - which is why titanium was the first and only choice of material for our HST Compressor machines

  • The Permanent Magnet Motor

    Permanent magnet motors were ideally suited to realising the BOGE designers' goal: achieving a breakthrough in the downsizing of their machines

  • Air Bearings Make Compact Dimensions Possible

    Users wishing to dispense entirely with oil or fat must replace conventional bearings with air bearings.

  • The Two-Motor Principle

    Two permanent magnet motors work with impellers of different sizes to make the three-level compression process possible.

  • The Intake Box

    The intake box serves mainly to optimise the air mass flow and the temperature of the intake air

  • Heat recovery

    Achieve a process water temperature of 90° with the same footprint

Why this innovation belongs to the future:

  • oil- free class 0:
    No oil in the machine, no oil in the air
  • Concentrating on what is important:
    each component optimised for its operational purpose
  • High speed redefined:
    uniquely high speeds due to the air-guided drive shaft
  • Strong down to the very last detail:
    titanium impeller and extremely high-quality components
  • Efficient in every respect:
    energy requirement when idling<1.9% of the nominal capacity
  • Barely perceptible:
    noise pressure level between 63 and 69 dB(A) depending on the frame size
  • Easy to overlook:
    just half the size of oil-free screw compressors
  • Lightweight:
    2/3 lighter than oil-free screw compressors
  • BOGE quality, made in Germany:
    uniquely high vertical integration

Driven to change the established

BOGE High Speed Turbo

Turbo technology is setting new standards with its unique drive principle – in terms of energy and maintenance requirements, as well as with its footprint, weight and noise pressure.

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The turbo for the low pressure range

NEW: BOGE low pressure turbo

High speeds are also good for low pressures: the low pressure turbo compressor is convincing with clearly greater efficiency in comparison with a screw compressor.

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Do you have any further questions?

We will be pleased to explain the specific advantages of this innovative technology to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.





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