Range of energy efficient EasiFit pipework system expanded

EasiFit pipework

The full range of pipe diameters include 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm in both 4 meter and 6 meter lengths.


All common fittings are available from stock for immediate delivery from our warehouse here in Huddersfield. EasiFit is a practical and fast solution for compressed air pipe from small distribution systems to big industrial plants. The range is based on a line of fully calibrated aluminium pipes with connection fittings made from nylon which are highly resistant to shock and pressure.


Even under the most demanding conditions, the proven piping system guarantees the efficient transfer of compressed air and can withstand temperatures of between -20°C and +70°C at an operating pressure of up to 12.5 bar. Users can benefit from durable pipes, a high degree of investment certainty. EasiFit is compatible with compressor installations, with the system being suitable for both oil-free and oil-lubricated applications.


Using only quality aluminium piping and airtight connectors, EasiFit is quick and easy to install with no welding required, corrosion, fire and UV resistance are also key benefits.


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